Round I:


For the first round of the competition each participant has to choose one of the works listed for their
age group. Each piece, except for chamber music, has to be performed by heart. The participants
have to adhere to the time limit for their respective age group:

Group I: approx. 5-10 min.
Group II: approx. 10-15 min.
Group III: approx. 15-20 min.

To reach the obligatory time limit, participants can additionally choose one piece of their own choice.

Group I – Violin:

Rondo in G major WoO 41

Six German Dances WoO 42

Sonata no. 1 in D major op. 12 no. 1, 2nd mvt: Tema con Variazioni - Andante con moto

Sonata no. 6 in A major op. 30 no. 1, 3rd mvt: Allegretto con Variazioni

Group I – Piano:


Sonatina in G major Anh. 5 no. 5

Sonatina in F major Anh. 5 no. 6

6 Variations on a Swiss Song WoO 64

6 Variations on „Nel cor più non mi sento“ WoO 70

Group I – Cello:

L. van Beethoven - Cavatina for Cello and Piano

J. S. Bach - Menuett I&II from Suite in G major

J. S. Bach - Bourre I&II from Suite in C major

Group II – Violin:

Sonata no. 2 in A major op. 12 no. 2, 2nd and 3rd mvt: Andante, più tosto Allegretto and Allegro piacevole

Sonata no. 3 in E-flat major op. 12 no. 3, 2nd and 3rd mvt: Adagio con molt’ espressione and Rondo - Allegro molto

Sonata no. 4 in a minor op. 23, 2nd and 3rd mvt: Andante scherzoso, più Allegretto and Allegro molto

Sonata no. 8 in G major op. 30 no. 3, 2nd and 3rd mvt: Tempo di Minuetto ma molto moderato e grazioso and Allegro vivace

Group II – Piano:

6 Variations in G major WoO 77

9 Variations on a March by Dressler WoO 63 (1st Edition)

Rondo in C major op. 51 no. 1

One of the 3 Sonatas WoO 47 („Kurfürsten-Sonaten“)

Group II – Cello:

Sonata in F major op. 5 no. 1, 1st and 2nd mvt: Adagio sostenuto and Allegro

Sonata in g minor op. 5 no. 2, 1st and 2nd mvt: Adagio sostenuto ed espressivo and Allegro molto più tosto presto

Group III – Violin:

Sonata no. 5 in F major op. 24, 2nd, 3rd and 4th mvt: Adagio molto espressivo, Scherzo - Allegro molto and Rondo - Allegro ma non troppo

Sonata no. 7 in c minor op. 30 no. 2, 1st and 2nd mvt: Allegro con brio and Adagio cantabile

Sonata no. 9 in A major op. 47, 2nd mvt: Andante con Variazioni

Sonata no.10 in G major op. 96, 2nd, 3rd and 4th mvt: Adagio espressivo, Scherzo - Allegro and Poco allegretto

Group III – Piano:

Sonata in E major op. 14 no. 1

Sonata in G major op. 14 no. 2

Sonata in f minor op. 2 no. 1

Sonata in A major op. 2 no. 2

Group III – Cello:

12 Variations on „Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen“ from Mozart‘s „Zauberflöte“ in F major op. 66

12 Variations on ‘See the conqu'ring hero comes’ in G major WoO 45

7 Variations on „Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen“ from Mozart’s „Zauberflöte” in E-flat major WoO 46

Round II:


In the final round the participants have to perform a program of their choosing. The repertoire has to
be performed by heart. They may not repeat any pieces form the first round and have to adhere to
the time limit for their respective age group.

Group I: maximum playing time – 10 minutes

Group II: maximum playing time – 15 minutes

Group III: maximum playing time – 20 minutes